0Pointloan was founded in 1999 as an Internet Lender, committed to using technology to provide a lower cost and more convenient mortgage to our customers. We reduce costs by utilizing automated underwriting systems and other technologies, and by lending in California. 0Pointloan.com was founded by Jay Patel, who has been in the industry for over 22 years.

  • Upfront Disclosures

    We fully disclose rates, points, fees and all third party costs online daily. You may obtain current rates without providing any other personal information. Rates are updated daily so you can access information 24/7.

  • Free Pre-Approvals and Loan Commitment Letters

    If you are looking to purchase a new home, upon completion of our online application, our system issues a Pre-Qualification Letter based on the information you provide in your application and your credit report. At no cost, we will collect your supporting documentation (such as paystubs and bank statements), underwrite your file and issue a Pre-Approval Letter. Not only will this strengthen your offer, it will allow you to close your loan quickly.

  • Customer Service

    We believe home financing should be structured to complement your overall financial future and our team will recommend an appropriate Mortgage Solution. Our mission is to deliver the best end product at the lowest possible cost. We feel that education people are the best way to gain trust as well as create loyal customers.

  • Save Money

    Securing your loan online saves money. We provide powerful online tools that you need. Unlike the traditional way of collecting paper data, our proprietary and encrypted electronic process removes the cost from the loan application and approval process and saves you time!

  • Transparency

    At 0Pointloan.com, you receive all documents pertaining to underwriting including your appraisal, title policy, escrow, and inspection reports. We ensure you that you know where your money, documents and data are at all times.