Jay Patel

0point Loan

Jay prides himself on providing diligent, professional, and timely services with his caring and friendly nature further endearing him to his clients. His ability to simplify the whole financing/re-financing process is driven by his honesty and in-depth knowledge of creative problem solving, solid work ethic, and constant communication making him a complete best lender package. Jay can put loans together and get them funded on time with some amazing rates that complement individual goals. Always looking for new ideas to redefine his customer service, his willingness to give first makes all the difference in inspiring the trust and confidence of his clientele.

Jay graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate and Finance. He is well-versed in originating home loans in the retail, wholesale, and B2B/On-Online channels. Whenever he is not working for his clients, Jay’s favorite pastimes include golf, tennis, and the gym.

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