Applying for a loan doesn’t have to be a stressful process. When you work with us at 0Pointloan, you get a great team of professionals who are ready to help you and put you at ease. Jay Patel and his team make applying for your loan easy, and they walk you through the steps, so you can get everything done and get a loan decision quickly. With great rates and low stress, you can get started on your home buying journey today. We can help you explore the latest mortgage rates, buy your first home, refinance or move from one home to another, so you can follow your dreams, make your plans and get on with living your life.

Everyone’s financial situation is different, and here at 0Pointloan, we want to make sure you get the right mortgage loan for your needs. With hands-on guidance, you can choose from several different options and rates to create a custom solution that will be perfect for you. The length of your mortgage, whether you want a fixed or variable rate, and if you plan to pay points, along with the size of your down payment and other factors, will all matter when you’re applying for a loan. The needs you have and the exact nature of your finances are important parts of the puzzle for your mortgage, and we want to help you put that puzzle together to make a great picture of your new home.

Even if you’ve purchased a home before, buying can feel overwhelming and difficult. Fortunately, with 0Pointloan on your side, things are often easier to handle. Before you start your home shopping, come in and see us. Apply for a loan so you can get preapproved. That will help you know exactly what you can afford, so you can start your house hunt in the right price range. You don’t want to fall in love with a house you can’t afford and then be stressed out about qualifying when you apply for a mortgage. With a pre-approval from 0Pointloan, you won’t have any of those issues to contend with, and you can shop for a great place in which you’ll be happy for a long time.

We want to be part of that joy. Our mission at 0Pointloan is to make sure you get the best mortgage for you. We know you aren’t identical to anybody else, and your situation may be simple or complex, depending on your credit, what house you plan to buy, and the other needs you have. Come talk to us about the plans you have, and we’ll do everything we can to help you get a home with which you’re happy and a loan that’s right for you. We put you first, whether you’re focused on buying a home or you want to refinance the one you already have. We’ll be happy to mortgage-shop for you, so you can get the best rate and terms without having to do a bunch of legwork.

Getting a low rate matters, as it can really affect the size of your payment. The rate isn’t the only part of your mortgage that matters, though. Whether you have to pay points at closing, the length of your mortgage, and whether there are early payment penalties or other requirements are all important. At 0Pointloan, we want to make sure we get you the best rate, but we also want to make sure the rest of your mortgage is just as good. By working together, we can find a loan that works for you, now and in the future.